Commitment to our partners  

Water is part of our collective heritage. As a player in this industry, Claire Group has a huge responsibility : towards our partners, contractors and customers but also towards the end users.

Our mission is firstly to preserve this resource by building quality networks made from durable equipment that will continue to be used by many generations to come.

Increasingly frequent episodes of hydric stress are now raising the central question of how we use water. Our role is to anticipate the needs of the future by developing custom solutions and by monitoring consumption. Because the better you know the network, the better you can use it.

Working for our communities

Aware of our responsibilities as an industrial player, we want to make a positive, long-term impact on the communities we work for.  
For over twenty years, we have been forging beneficial links with a number of local players and partners. This long-standing economic attachment to local communities is part and parcel of Claire Group’s identity.

Visuel président
‘‘ We install network equipment that lasts for 50 years or more... This is a real responsibility, for the company but also for the individual, and on a social level. For us, it’s about ethics. We’re committed to delivering quality equipment compatible with long-term use, to serve the interests of regions and their populations.   ’’
Damien Verhée
President of Claire Group

‘Origine France Garantie’ certification

Maintaining a strong local attachment is essential for Claire Group. This is why we prefer local suppliers. Many of our products are manufactured in France. 
The label ‘Origine France Garantie’ is an independent certification, born of a government initiative designed to promote French know-how and support the local economy.  
The label, awarded after a full audit, gives the customers who buy our products a guarantee of traceability and a clear, transparent indication of origin. Obtaining this accreditation is also testament to a commitment that favours the sustainable local economy.

To each region its solution

Climate issues, planning constraints, city sprawl, rural areas. Each context needs a tailor-made solution to respond to the specific issues facing its water network. 
Our job is about listening to our customers and establishing permanent interactions with them. Based on the feedback, the issues faced by our customers and our on-the-ground observations, we develop a wide range of technologies and fittings. 
It is an approach that allows us to respond as accurately as possible to the needs of each region.

Mobilising everyone to reach a common goal

We firmly believe that collaboration is essential if we are to improve our own practices and those of all the operators in our industry. 
For this reason, we participate in many working groups alongside other players in the engineering sector:  

  • Cetim. Cetim, the Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry, aims to promote technological advancement and guarantee quality in its sector. Cetim works with a range of partners on large multi-disciplinary projects aimed at transforming industrial practices. 
  • Evolis Symop. Evolis brings together French companies producing mechanical equipment and production technologies, with the aim of giving visibility to the major issues facing the industrial sector and its trades. 

Committed to a process of continuously improving our working practices both internally and externally, we consult with a number of partners and stakeholders, including the metalworking employers’ association UIMM, the environment and water union UIE, local communities and occupational health professionals.

Charter for supplier relations and responsible purchasing

Claire Group signed up to the Charter for supplier relations and responsible purchasing in 2013. The aim of the Charter is to encourage businesses, public bodies and private-sector firms to adopt responsible purchasing policies with their suppliers. 
Adopting the Charter is about affirming our values of listening, engagement and solidarity with the economic ecosystem. It’s also about making our service providers aware of environmental best practice.  

Committed personnel

Our personnel are the people who transmit our vision and our values on the ground. They are at the core of our activity, but also of our governance. 
Since 2011, all our staff have received training and guidance on issues including quality, safety, innovation, company performance and also on how to control our environmental footprint. Our employees play an active role in our business strategy, by participating in a number of decision-making committees including the management committee CODIR, the steering committee COPIL and the economic and social committee (CSE). 
To make all our workers fully aware of social responsibility issues, the Group goes well beyond the CSR Report by regularly adopting new tools such as:  

  • Code of Ethics
  • Anti-corruption policy 
  • Whistleblowing procedure 

Promoting equal opportunities

Inclusivity is a core value of Claire Group. We are strong believers in equal opportunities for all our employees. Everyone who works for us has access to the same chances. We measure the effectiveness of our actions in practice by using monitoring tools such as gender equality indicators. 
We also work with local employment services and centres to encourage the social and occupational inclusion of people with disabilities. Our ambition is to make sure that everyone finds their place.

Going further

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