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Detecting and locating H2S gas  

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), found in drains and sewers, is emitted by decomposing organic matter in the absence of oxygen. It releases a repulsive ‘rotten egg’ odour, but is invisible, which makes it particularly dangerous because it is also inflammable, corrosive and toxic. When inhaled, H2S can cause permanent damage to the respiratory and nervous system, even leading to death in certain cases. Hydrogen sulphide is heavier than air, and so tends to accumulate in low-lying, poorly ventilated areas such as sewage pipes. It can damage the conduits as it is corrosive and can lead to leaks and pollution of the natural environment. All this means that H2S must be detected as early as possible.

Claire Group’s solutions for detecting and locating H2S gas

Equipment for the early detection of hydrogen sulphide

Within the Claire Group, Ijinus has developed a sensor that measures the concentration of H2S. The sensor is fitted with a datalogger, which transfers the process data to a supervision platform, facilitating daily checking for the presence of H2S in a sewerage system. The Ijinus sensor-logger can also be used for point-specific measurement.  

0,13 ppm

threshold above which H2S can be perceived by smell

10 ppm

threshold above which H2S causes irritation of the eyes

100 ppm

threshold above which H2S can lead to loss of the sense of smell

Our solutions for detecting and locating H2S gas

Innovative solutions for sanitation network performance

LOGAZ is a self-powered gas sensor, which accurately detects and measures the presence of H2S in the sewerage system. Easy to use, its measurement and calibration cell can be changed on-site. LOGAZ can be used equally well for local or remote measurement programmes; when used remotely, the data can be transmitted to various SCADA and FTP platforms.  

The high-precision measurements obtainable with LOGAZ help preserve the pipe infrastructure, which can be seriously corroded by H2S, creating a quality environment for residents and helping to quantify the performance of an H2S control treatment and adjusting it as necessary.  

Capteur H25
LOGAZ communicating H2S sensor
Preserve the integrity of our networks!

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Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and dataloggers to monitor drinking water networks, sewerage systems and water courses.

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