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Household-to-mains water connections

The point of connection is the ‘hotspot’ of the network, forming a link between the public water mains and the customer, to enable the supply of drinking water.

As the water supply is a public asset, reliability is vital: any weak point in the network can affect the community in economic and environmental terms and can also impair the service for users.

Make the right choice to

Guarantee durability

Choosing quality, easy-to-use equipment helps to maintain the performance of the water network throughout its life.  

The use of bronze as a material in connectors and fittings helps preserve this durability. Being 100% indestructible, bronze is the only material that offers complete resistance against forms of corrosion such as dezincification and season cracking (stress corrosion cracking). Bronze is a tried-and-tested material that has always been used in drinking water networks 

The installation process is also important. A material that is easy to install and comes with marking and control devices, makes for a secure connection.  

These connections need to withstand a variety of different use cases: narrow underground spaces, sediment-bearing water and difficult conditions, etc. Having a broad offer allows us to select the best solution, from the multipurpose fittings suitable for use on most sites, through to the more specific types of connections that we employ to respond to specific needs, such as ultra-secure couplings or strong resistance to water hammer.  

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Our products

A complete product range

About pipe connections

A pipe connection links the water supply user to the potable water distribution network. It consists of a collar, or clamp, a connecting valve and a set of controls to allow access and manoeuvring from the pavement..

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The clamp connects the connecting valve to a potable water distribution pipe. We use 3 technologies: rigid, strap or electrowelded clamps.

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Connecting valves

Connecting valves are used to connect individual pipes to the drinking water mains to allow the opening or closing of the water supply. The valve is fitted to a clamp before being coupled to the pipe. There are different series available, for top, side-mounted or mixed connections.

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Shut-off valves

A shut-off valve diverts an individual user's connection from the mains pipe, particularly when the networks are very congested. An interruptible clamp is used upstream to allow the mains connection. The water is opened or shut off from the external shut-off valve in the ground or pavement.

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The controls are the set of products and accessories that protect underground main pipes and grant access to them for installation or maintenance purposes. They include the protection boxes, pipe extensions, support rods and valve boxes.

Benefits of our solutions

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Quality and durability

Corrosion-proof 4 MS bronze tap connectors with high resistance to traction, wear and bending under pressure, compliant with the latest sanitary requirements..

Picto polyvalence adaptabilité
Multipurpose and adaptable

From the most universal type of connector, suitable for any configuration or pipe diameter, to models specially designed for specific uses.  

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Easy to install

Products that are fast and easy to install, with guides, markers and indicator lights for seamless installation on any type of pipe.

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Solution de branchement ALC2
Focus on solutions

‘Origine France Garantie’ connector

This innovative connector set, bearing the ‘Origine France Garantie’ quality label, comprises a multi-material ALPHACLIC clamp and the lateral or vertical-connection GLOBALL 2038 connecting valve  

    Solution de branchement 20381

    Robinet 2038 en bronze 4MS, incorrodable, conforme aux dernières exigences sanitaires, fondu sur le site de Sainte-Lizaigne

    Solution de branchement 2038 ALC2

    Robinet et collier adaptés à toute configuration de chantier, sur le dessus ou sur le coté de tout matériau de conduite 

    Solution de branchement ALC1

    Collier ALPHACLIC rapide à installer, avec un témoin de serrage unique qui garantit une pose parfaite

    Solution de branchement 2038 ALC3

    Plus de 600 000 colliers ALPHACLIC et plus de 2 millions de robinets GLOBALL sont aujourd’hui installés dans le Monde

Our solutions for drinking water connections

Innovative solutions for network performance

ALPHACLIC is a multidiameter clamp suitable for installation on any type of plastic or rigid pipe. Secure installation is guaranteed, thanks to the audio-visual clamping indicator and brass washer. With just one bolt to screw on, ALPHACLIC is easy to fit and saves time for the installation team. The ALPHACLIC clamp comes with OFG certification, which requires an annual audit by an independent certification body.  

The 901 strap clamp can be used on all plastic or rigid pipes, and covers a wide range of diameters. Just 2 clamp sizes cover all pipework configurations. Stocks are optimised to reduce the space taken up in the vans and storage areas. The installation process is simplified thanks to a design that holds the clamp on the pipe during installation, and the self-locking system. The pipe attachment is secured, with the stress distributed across the width of a full strap.  

GLOBALL 2038 is adapted to suit the largest possible number of pipes (connection on the top or side), which helps to keep stock levels down. Easy to handle, it comes with a simplified on-top attachment. The built-in outlet, designed for a connection to PE/PVC pipes, releases a BSP thread for greater on-site modularity. GLOBALL 2038 is made from 4 MS bronze, a corrosion-proof material that meets the latest public health requirements. The GLOBALL 2038 valve comes with OFG certification. which requires an annual audit by an independent certification body.  

The 1448 connecting valve has an extended outlet to make the connection process as secure as possible, while preserving the opening/closing of the aperture. Intended for vertical connection, it is suitable for installation in confined spaces. It is easy to handle, with a simplified top-connecting attachment. The built-in outlet, designed for a connection to PE/PVC pipes, releases a pipe thread for greater on-site modularity. The 1448 valve is made from 4 MS bronze, a corrosion-proof material that meets the latest public health requirements. The 1448 valve comes with OFG certification. which requires an annual audit by an independent certification body.

The 2988 shut-off valve is ideal for sediment-bearing water. Its metal-to-metal conical seal makes it extremely robust. The built-in outlets, designed for connection to PE/PVC pipes, free up a BSP thread for greater on-site modularity. GLOBALL 2038 is made from 4 MS bronze, a corrosion-proof material that meets the latest public health requirements.   

The 360U protection box is universal. It can be fitted to all connecting valves with spherical seal, making it suitable for all branch line configurations (top or side) and all dimensions (from DN 20 to 40). Easy-interlocking thanks to the snap-on centring part. Adjustment flaps on the mains side and user side allow for customised configuration.

Branchement collier ALC
The fastest-ever clamp.
Branchement collier 901
901 clamp
Optimise your stocks!
Branchement robinet 2038
2038 connecting valve
Your go-to French-made connector!
Branchement robinet 1448
1448 connecting valve
For ultra-secure connections!
Branchement robinet 2988
2988 shut-off valve
The ideal solution for sediment-bearing water!
Branchement tabernacle TAB360U
TAB360U protection box
Protect your mains connection with a universal protection box!
Claire Group

A strict quality process

An engaged, creative and pragmatic design office with more than 100 years of innovation behind it and more than 30 talented staff based in France and Germany.

Certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, Claire Group meets all public health, quality and safety requirements while also pursuing a sustainable development approach.

French manufacturing, accredited with the ‘Origine France Garantie’ label for our range of connecting valves, ALPHACLIC and OMEGAFLEX clamps, E-CUB meter boxes and meter wells, Wayve connected boxes and irrigation equipment (Irrimag meter and box).

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