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Anticipating high and low water  

High water, or low water, can have a considerable impact on the surrounding environment. The level of water courses fluctuates with the seasons – sometimes dramatically. Low water levels, and the resulting drop in the volume of water, can lead to a build-up in the concentration of pollutants. This can be dangerous to local flora and fauna. Conversely, a sudden episode of heavy rainfall can often lead to high water, and fears of flooding and landslips. To minimise the economic and environmental consequences of such events, it is essential to monitor the level and flow of natural water courses.  

Claire Group’s solutions for the prevention of high and low water

Facilitating water level monitoring with minimum impact on the environment

Claire is constantly innovating to develop effective ways of monitoring water levels. The company’s specialist teams Ijinus work to design and build measurement devices which are both compact and self-powered. Thanks to their small footprint and wireless connectivity, these devices have a minimal visual imprint and do not blight the landscape.

The water level sensors have a built-in capacity to transmit the data they collect to a web surveillance platform. This makes the day-to-day monitoring of a specific body of water, or of several measurement points, much easier. Prompt action can then be taken in order to anticipate the consequences of high or low water.


river flow monitoring stations in France (2017)

23,000 km

of water courses monitored by the Vigicrues network

69 days

of high water surveillance in France (2021)

Our solutions for keeping track of high and low water

Innovative solutions for natural waters

Based on radar measurement technology, the LNR level sensor is the ideal solution for the surveillance of water courses, reservoirs or storm water pools, and the entry and exit points at water treatment plants. The electromagnetic radar wavelengths are not affected by exposure to the elements such as wind or changes in temperature. The unique design, which integrates the sensor and logger into a single unit, reduces the cost of the measurement point, allowing for more efficient coverage of the network and optimal monitoring. This all-in-one system is replacing the conventional monitoring kits, which are much more cumbersome. The LNR sensor is less noticeable on the ground.  

Capteur LNR
LNR06 radar technology level sensor
Water level monitoring with no external constraints!

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and data loggers to monitor drinking water, sewerage networks and water courses.

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