Measuring rainfall levels  

Measuring rainfall is a vital part of making sure that sanitation networks function properly. Even before the levels are analysed, this kind of monitoring can anticipate a potential overflow of waste water pipes. With combined drainage networks, where the waste water and rainwater is collected together, heavy rainfall can cause flooding (in basements, at ground level and in water treatment plants), which can seriously affect equipment such as pumping stations. When this type of event occurs, the waste water causes flooding and a risk of pollution of the natural environment, as well as damage to infrastructure.

Claire Group’s solutions for rainfall measurement

Monitoring devices covering the entire water cycle, starting with rainfall

Ijinus offers a range of self-powered rain gauges, which conform to regulatory requirements. The sensors can anticipate overflows on the sanitation networks, which would pose a risk to the pumping stations and the environment. They can also be used in temporary rainfall measurement programmes.

Compact and easy to install, Ijinus rain gauges are an essential component in the armoury of a water network operator, making their task easier thanks to the transmission of data to a centralised web platform.  

97,000 km

of combined waste water/rainwater networks

95,000 km

of rainwater-only networks

8 mm

of rain per hour: the threshold for heavy rainfall that poses a risk of flooding

Our rainfall monitoring solutions

Innovative solutions for sanitation network performance

Really simple to set up and install, the RG20 or RG25, paired with a datalogger, can be used equally well in temporary or permanent rainfall monitoring programmes. The rain gauge is connected to a logger which records the local data by radio, or on a remote surveillance tool. This ‘tipping bucket’ rain gauge consists of a funnel collector with two calibrated containers designed to prevent the rain from splashing internally or externally, as recommended by the WMO (World Meteorological Organization). The data can be logged either by time stamping the bucket tips, or based on cumulative rainfall, and the device can be programmed to issue alerts.  

Pluviomètre RG2025
Self-powered RG20 / RG25 rain gauge
An independent, modular system for monitoring rainfall levels

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Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and dataloggers to monitor drinking water, sewerage networks and water courses.

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