Water management in crop production  

For some crops, which are particularly water-intensive or receive little rainfall, it is absolutely essential to put in place an irrigation system. The system draws raw water from the natural environment, often from the nearby water courses, to irrigate the growing crops. The scope of an irrigation system will vary, depending on the region and type of crop. It can be as simple as an extraction pump supplying water to the neighbouring field. But in large grain-growing regions, irrigation systems are often scaled up into actual networks, which require careful management to ensure the fair distribution of the water resource.  

Claire Group’s offer for irrigation management and control

Responding to the specific limitations of irrigation networks

Through its specialist brand SL-Irrigation, Claire Group offers network operators, public and private companies and farmers a range of water distribution and metering systems. SL-Irrigation has developed several types of irrigation hydrants, all built and calibrated in France.

Each hydrant responds to different requirements in terms of water supply, connection of the irrigation equipment, metering, regulation of upstream pressure and flow limitation.  


billion m3 of water drawn from underground and surface bodies of water for agricultural purposes in 2016 

80 %

of the water drawn for farming is used for irrigation

5 %

of the farmland used nationally is irrigated

The function of irrigation

Supplying crops with water

Focus on solutions

A4 and B2 irrigation hydrants

The modular A4 and B2 irrigation hydrants can connect from 1 to 4 users, and have integrated metering, pressure regulation and flow limiting functions. The hydrant comes with OFG certification.  


    A counterflow system allowing intervention on the top part of the terminal without draining the network. 


    Large, easy-to-manoeuvre flywheel for water opening and closing  


    Valve and base common to all models

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    Several ND available for connection to a collective network. Short or long version for better frost resistance. 

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Specialists in subscriber connections recognised for their robust design, Sainte-Lizaigne offers equipment and services for the operation of drinking water and irrigation networks.

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An expert field team

The Claire Group team of experts, specialising in water supplies and networks, are at your disposal to provide support and guidance for all your projects.

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