Monitoring the irrigation network  

As farm crops are grown on areas covering several hundred hectares, their management and control can be a laborious task. But it is essential for crops to be well-managed, especially in areas that can jeopardise crop yield and affect the financial aspects of farm management. This is the case with irrigation. It requires careful monitoring and regular adjustment, depending on the type of crop, soil and weather conditions. Irrigation is becoming increasingly important for farmers, especially grain producers, and they need smart solutions to supervise their supply networks.  

Claire Group’s offer for the monitoring of irrigation networks

Helping farmers collect and process irrigation data

Innovation is at the core of Claire Group. Our mission is to improve water networks by making them smarter, using connected solutions. The specialists at SL-Irrigation are no exception. SL-Irrigation offers communicating modules that transfer the data collected locally, to an online supervision platform. This allows irrigation network operators to save time on reading the meters, which can often be several kilometres apart. The data is transmitted to a central platform and is quickly billable with less risk of error.  

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hectares in 10 years for the average farm size in France

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of French farms are more than 93 hectares


million hectares of agricultural land in France

Remote reading of irrigation meters

Fast remote collection of water supply data

Focus on solutions


Temetra is a web-based platform that securely collects and logs the data transmitted by irrigation meters. With an intuitive interface, the data is easy to view; alerts are issued if a water leak is suspected.  


    Web platform interfacing with operators' billing systems  

    Optimization and security of billing cycles 


    Data stored on servers based in Europe and meeting the ISO 27001 information security standard 


    Alert in case of suspected leak  
    Subscriber web portal for monitoring their consumption and setting up alerts

Our solutions for the supervision of irrigation networks

Innovative solutions for network performance

Eveblu is a cyble sensor that attaches to the Irrimag meter to simplify the collection of measurement data. It requires neither cabling nor wall mounting. Water meters can now be read remotely in pedestrian mode, saving time for the operations team, who no longer have to read each meter one by one. Eveblu is an interesting crossover between traditional meter reading and large-scale remote reading.  

The E-CUB meter box is marked with the word “EAU” (water), making it easily identifiable, and is also very resistant to ageing thanks to the anti-UV PVC casing. RAL 1015 is the colour used as standard on all meter boxes. E-CUB has a detachable door which opens to reveal space for 1 or 2 household meters. A double-door version is also available. E-CUB is a one-piece box with no thermal bridging, and this significantly improves frost resistance (CEREMA test certificates available). The box comes with OFG certification, which requires an annual test to be conducted by an independent certification body.  

Everblu communicating sensor
The essential cyble sensor for remote meter reading!
E-CUB meter chamber
Improved accessibility makes your work easier!

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