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In condominium buildings, water consumption is distributed among the common parts and the properties owned by individual tenants. An input counter measures the volumes distributed to the building. Until recently, water bills would be invoiced according to ‘property shares’ based on the floor area of each flat or the number of inhabitants. However, there are two problems with this type of system. First of all, it can be unfair, as this method of calculation does not always reflect the actual volume of water consumed by each occupant. The second problem is the lack of accountability. The quantity of water billed does not reflect the quantity actually consumed, which does little to help efforts to reduce water consumption. A law introduced in May 2015 required the installation of special meters in shared-occupancy buildings, to measure the volumes of hot and cold water actually used within each flat. However, the use of this system is not yet mainstream, as meter reading is not always practical and is often expensive.

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The U.D.Access division of Claire Group specialises in submetering. The company offers a wide range of economical solutions designed for condominiums, to make it easier to measure the amount of water actually consumed by individual households. U.D.Access personnel are known for their great service culture and responsiveness to submetering providers, assisting with the installation of easy-to-manage metering equipment adapted to the limitations of each individual building.

137 litres

average volume of water used each day by a French citizen

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the number of newbuild apartments overtook the number of newbuild houses


of shared-occupancy buildings have collective heating


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Meter rerouting is a system that enables remote installation of a submeter. On the existing networks, a meter can be positioned even in a very small space, without the need for extensive work. It can be installed quickly and simply, by connecting it to the existing pipes. The meter can then be positioned as required by its technology, thanks to the different types of support which are available.

With 7 versions available, ranging in length from 20 to 62.5 mm, meter extensions can be used to adapt a new meter to most configurations found in condominium buildings. Extension cables allow for proper maintenance of the meter and a watertight seal can be created in the existing position, where the distance between the two connections does not exactly match the length of the new equipment. They contain space for a check valve, which is useful to limit the backflow of water in a confined space.

Submetering mount
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