Regulation of gas networks

In almost all manufacturing industries, gases are an integral part of the production process. They enable improvements to productivity levels, working conditions and the company’s environmental footprint. To achieve this, it is important to have proper control of these volatile compounds, in particular their pressure, which is often subject to upstream variations. Pressure reducers and regulators are therefore essential to the proper functioning of any gas network. Pressure reducers come in various sizes, capacities and with different technologies, in order to cater for a wide variety of installations.

Claire Group’s offer for the regulation of industrial gas networks

Finding the best solution to optimise the functioning of each network

The team at HB-Industries, a Claire Group brand, offers its customers a series of pressure reducers and regulators designed for gas networks in industrial environments. The products in our catalogue cover the vast majority of customer requirements and include equipment that regulates flow, pressure and a wide variety of gases in different configurations.

0.021 to 0.3 bar

average gas distribution pressure for industrial companies

140 TWh

of gas consumed by industry in France, in 2020


gas consumed by French industry is used by the agrofood, chemical and para-chemical sectors

How pressure regulation works

Checking and adjusting before switching on

Our solutions for gas pressure regulation

Innovative solutions for network performance

The MN model can regulate general working pressure for large flows, particularly on systems subject to changes of pressure. It operates by direct spring action and is fitted with a valve system balanced by a pressure compensation diaphragm.

The BP24S pressure reducer is compact and easy to configure, making it particularly suited to installation in a small space. It can be used either as a final or intermediate pressure reducer, and for all types of LPG, natural gas, propane and other non-aggressive gases (air, nitrogen and biomethane). The vent and base have a swivel function to avoid water build-up and make the device easier to install in a confined space. The model conforms to the EN 16129 standard.

MN direct-action regulator
Gas regulator for large flows
Low-pressure BP24S pressure reducer
Ideal for larger-scale operating conditions!

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