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Detecting and locating leaks

With each new episode of drought, we are coming to realise just how precious water is. There are sometimes shortages of water, but in France, more than one litre of drinking water out of every five is lost due to leaks! But this huge amount of wastage can be avoided. The proof? Some municipal authorities are posting excellent performance rates, above 90%. Why? They’ve put in place solutions to identify, locate and then repair water leaks and improve the efficiency of their water networks. Claire Group can help you do this.

Claire Group’s offer for detecting leaks

Enabling everyone to identify and repair leaks in the water network

Claire Group offers a range of solutions to detect, locate and repair leaks. Innovative, intuitive or highly specialised, Claire Group’s leak detection systems are intended for both network operators and owners as well as experienced leak detectors. Our products cater for a wide variety of uses and allow you to follow a well-planned process of leak detection and repair to ensure the best result:

  • Sectorisation, using flow meters across the network 
  • Prelocation, using dataloggers and surveillance systems installed at strategic points 
  • Correlation, using special devices to hone in on the leak zone 
  • Pinpointing, using acoustic devices and submerged detection systems to locate the leak position as closely as possible  
  • Repair, thanks to a wide range of equipment known for its robust, durable design 
20 %

the percentage of drinking water lost due to leaks

18,5 million

inhabitants: the equivalent in terms of consumption of the amount of water lost through leaks

50 %

of the drinking water network that is more than 50 years old

A five-step approach

Pinpoint where the leak is coming from

Différents outils de localisation
Solution AQUAM3001
Solution AQUAM3002
Solution AQUAM3003
Focus on solutions

Prelocation and pinpointing, using BIDI loggers and the AQUA M300

When installed on the network, BIDI dataloggers ‘listen’ to the pipes at night in order to prelocate any leaks. Using multi-point correlation techniques, the AQUA M300 then pinpoints the exact position of the leak.  

    Outil loggers

    Installation of loggers on valves and taps

    Outil d'enregistrement

    Recording of noise data at night and transmission to tablet or web platform

    Outil de localisation des fuites

    Location of leaks by multi-point correlation between loggers, followed by confirmation of the leak point acoustically 

Our pinpointing solutions

Innovative solutions for drinking water network performance

SENSE is a network access point installed as a traditional connection on the drinking water network. It comprises a clamp and connecting valve that form a ‘smart’ connection to allow permanent surveillance of the water network. The system can be fitted with sensors, tailored to your requirements. The sensors detect and pinpoint leaks, particularly on plastic pipes, thanks to a submerged hydrophone, and also allow multi-point correlation, the checking of network pressure and water temperature. The sensor on this innovative connector can easily be changed, making it an innovative tool that enables optimal surveillance of the network.  

PIPEMIC M is a submerged device used to monitor water pipes and detect leaks. Easy to use and efficient, PIPEMIC M is also highly accurate when used on plastic pipes, offering savings on the cost of earthworks. PIPEMIC M is designed to find leaks in water mains and smaller distribution pipes (cable length up to 90 m). Available in different sizes, it caters for the greatest possible number of network configurations.  

Compact and simple to use, the Aqua M60 is an essential device designed for daily use. It allows the rapid verification of network performance and early detection of leaks. The Aqua M60 offers great listening performance thanks to an ultra-sensitive vibration sensor and low-noise quality amplifier. When paired with an accelerometer, the AQUA M60 can locate the exact position of the leak. Rechargeable, wireless and lightweight, it can be used by anyone, whether or not they are an expert in detecting leaks.  

The LOKAL 400 is a multipurpose device that prelocates, correlates and locates water leaks, acoustically and by correlation. Easy to carry and simple to use, this device will quickly identify the position of a leak, optimising the amount of work required. Recognised for its fast, accurate localisation of leaks, using multi-point correlation technology, the LOKAL 400 offers reliable detection performance even in daytime with heavy traffic  

The Aqua M300 offers acoustic or tracer gas-driven leak detection and pipe detection when paired with the PWG II pulse generator. This intelligent 3-in-1 solution offers simplified, reliable leak detection. With manual or automatic mode, the Aqua M300 is also ideal for experienced or novice leak detectors.  

Tuyau eau sense
SENSE network access point
A product that sits on the boundary between network equipment and network surveillance
Outil de localisation Pipemic
Pipemic: an ultra-high precision leak detector
Pipemic is easy to use and offers precise leak detection, even on plastic pipes
Outil de localisation Aqua M60
Compact Aqua M60 leak detector
A space-saving ally designed for daily use, to help you detect and locate leaks
Corrélateur polyvalent Lokal 400
Lokal 400 multipurpose correlator
A multipurpose correlator for intuitive leak detection and pinpointing
Outil de détection de fuites Aqua M300
Universal Aqua M300 leak detector
A universal system for the accurate prelocation and location of leaks.

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