Wayve is Claire Group’s range of connected boxes. It provides network operators with innovative solutions for the remote monitoring and control of drinking water networks, facilitating their day-to-day work so they can spend more time improving the performance of the water supply network.  


Wayve management solutions, depending on the required use


settings: open, closed, limited flow  

Monthly savings of up to € 500

from a single box  


What we do

Wayve is a series of connected solutions for drinking water networks. The offer comprises a series of boxes, connected to the water mains in the traditional way. The boxes allow the automation of recurrent actions such as VCM purging, turbid water and frost protection, which can be pre-set using a mobile app.

The boxes can also be controlled remotely, from a supervision platform. The data is transmitted to a computer and is a valuable monitoring tool, as it can trigger alerts of irregularities in the network such as a suspected leak, or overconsumption. If an alert is given, Wayve will then authorise remote intervention such as the shut-off of the water supply.  

Key data

10 years of innovation for water network efficiency


‘Origine France Garantie’: certified innovation

Wayve boxes are based on the 3-position valve patented by Sainte-Lizaigne, an industrial company part of the Claire Group, whose foundry and infrastructures are based in the Indre department in the Centre Loire Valley region. Wayve boxes are assembled and tested on the same site, in the designated ‘ESD’ zone, which is free of electrostatic discharge.  

The app and the Wayve platform are maintained and updated by the Ijinus teams, based in the Finistère region of Brittany.  

Thanks to this combination of French know-how in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software, Wayve has been awarded the OFG quality label, following a certification audit.  

Production and software

Combining traditional industry with electronics and software development

Wayve is built by an expert team specialising in mechanical and electronic design, based in Sainte-Lizaigne (36). Wayve’s 3-position brass valves are machined, assembled and tested one by one at the local production site, where a part of the factory is dedicated specifically to these connected boxes: the ‘ESD’ zone, specifically designed to avoid any electrostatic discharge, which could impair the quality of the finished product. Each box is tested individually for watertightness.  

Meanwhile the Wayve app and platform are maintained by the 15-strong team of Ijinus developers based in Brittany.  

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Focus on solutions

Connected box SAVE and WAYVE platform

The SAVE box monitors the water supply in order to optimise consumption and issue alerts if a leak is suspected. It offers maximum responsiveness thanks to the remote shut-off function


    Analysis of consumption rates with alert issued in case of an irregularity, allowing prompt intervention 


    On-board power supply, no external connection required 


    3-position tap (open, closed, intermediate flow) remotely controllable to simplify water distribution management 

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