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Supervising the network

A sewerage system is an item of sensitive infrastructure. It has to carry the waste water of all the users connected to the sewage mains – and that means more than 80% of French households, businesses and industries. If sewage leaks into the natural environment, the ecological consequences on effluents can be extremely harmful. So it is essential to prevent this risk by carefully monitoring the network by logging the flows, levels and overflows of storm drains. Water industry regulation requires the precise, sometimes even permanent control of sewage flows and structures. The supervision equipment used to compile, process and analyse the data collected on a single installation can thus be a powerful ally for water network operators.  

Claire Group’s solutions for supervision of the sewerage system

Helping operators towards the reliable, precise supervision of networks

Claire Group offers a range of supervision tools for sanitation professionals. These intuitive products allow the precise, permanent monitoring of waste water flows in the sewerage system and infrastructure.

Flow meters and sensors can assist with the management of priorities, by anticipating the possible risks of overflow or pollution. They are also an asset when it comes to regulatory compliance and fulfilling the many requirements imposed on the sewerage system.  

The issue of network supervision

Organising action on the ground to improve network efficiency

380,000 km

of sewage pipes requiring supervision

21, 474

water treatment stations in France (2016)

58 000 people

employed in the collection and treatment of waste water in France (2016)

Plateforme web Ijitrack
Plateforme web Ijitrack
application eau ijitrack
application eau ijitrack
application eau ijitrack
Focus on solutions

Ijitrack supervision platform

Ijitrack is an intuitive supervision platform which can be accessed any time, anywhere, and which stores the data from your sensors and loggers.  

    application eau ijitrack

    Ijitrack makes it possible to compile on the same tool the data measured and recorded by multiple sensors and loggers 

    application eau ijitrack

    With Ijitrack, alerts can be sent by email or text, and can be exported in .csv, Excel or graphic format. Network surveillance can be customised, ensuring greater relevance of the ground operations carried out 

    application eau ijitrack

    The platform displays the positioning of each sensor on a map and the measurements of each one can be interpreted rapidly thanks to multi-curve graphs.

    application eau ijitrack

    With Ijitrack, it is easy to set up and manage single customer or group accounts, allocating different levels of access rights to each. 

Our network supervision solutions

Innovative solutions for sanitation network performance

Wiji is an app that allows rapid configuration of an IJITRACK account. Available on Google Play and the App Store, it is essential in order to configure immediate notifications and alerts and ensure the optimal monitoring of sensitive points on the network. The app also posts the latest data sent by the sensor, and the photos taken at the time of installation. A time-saving feature is the QR code, which can be scanned into the logger in order to activate automatic GPS localisation. . 

Application mobile Wiji App
Wiji mobile app
A pocket tool to configure sensors and dataloggers

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and dataloggers to monitor drinking water networks, sewerage systems and water courses.

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