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Equipping or renewing the network  

A drinking water network is a common legacy, destined to supply many generations to come. With an average lifespan of 50-60 years, the connection fittings necessarily have to meet two key criteria: durability and fitness for human consumption.  

The use of hard-wearing materials helps to limit cracking and leaking, even in the harsh environments in which these network fittings are installed. The quality of the water supply is also at stake. It’s important to ensure that any plastic or metal coming into contact with the water is ‘inert’, to prevent the release of harmful chemicals into our drinking glasses – and those of future generations.  

Building a drinking water network requires certain expertise as well as full knowledge of the issues at stake, and the context. The workload of network operators is a heavy one, particularly at a time when our ageing installations are revealing major weaknesses and need replacing. Claire Group offers equipment intended to facilitate the job of maintenance teams on the ground.  

Claire Group’s solutions for the equipping and renewal of drinking water networks

Helping network operators to build a reliable, durable network

Claire Group develops, manufactures and sells network fittings with high added value.  

Sainte-Lizaigneis a historic player in the building of drinking water networks, and specialises in connection solutions. For 180 years, the company has been designing pipework connections, tap and valve fittings and meter chambers, as well as network parts that are well-known for their reliability. At the factory in the Indre department, skilled foundry workers apply their expertise to cast bronze fittings, a team of technicians carefully selects the technical plastics designed to equip the networks of the future, and each part, valve and connector is then tested one by one, for watertightness. Quality is the keyword at Sainte-Lizaigne, best-known for its full set of connectors bearing the label Origine France Garantie label.

Hydroméca has direct experience working closely with pipe fitters on-site, and uses this knowledge to produce metering systems designed to simplify the installation process. Hydroméca supplies ‘plug-in’ parts, available as standard or custom-made parts ranging from the covers and outlet boxes to the taps, anti-pollution systems and even the meters. The configurable metering systems are built to last, using robust materials with proven durability. The Hydroméca product range is broad, and includes custom-built solutions catering not only for mains connections, networking and metering requirements, but also the tools needed to carry out the pipe connections.  

996 000 km

of drinking water networks in France

50 à 60 years

the average lifetime of a drinking water network  

0,63 %

of the network is renewed each year

1,5 %

annual growth rate of the network, which is expanding 2.5 times faster than it is being replaced

Networks built to last

Equipment designed for durable water networks

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Focus on solutions

‘Origine France Garantie’ connector

This innovative connector set, bearing the ‘Origine France Garantie’ quality label, comprises a multi-material ALPHACLIC clamp and the lateral or vertical-connection GLOBALL 2038 connecting valve  

    Robinet en bronze

    2038 connecting valve in 4MS bronze, corrosion-proof, compliant with the latest health requirements, cast on the Sainte-Lizaigne site

    robinet universelle

    Valve and collar suitable for any site configuration, on top or on the side of any pipe material

    Collier ALPHACLIC

    Quick-to-install ALPHACLIC clamp, with a unique tightening indicator that guarantees perfect installation

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    More than 600,000 ALPHACLIC clamps and 2 million GLOBALL valves have now been installed worldwide. 

Solutions to help you equip or renew your network

Innovative solutions for drinking water network performance

The combination of the ALPHACLIC clamp and the GLOBALL 2038 connecting valve make this product the go-to mains connector for the French drinking water network. The product combines innovation and performance, while the French-made origins are guaranteed by an independent certification body that conducts regular process audits. Made from cast iron and 4 MS bronze, this is a robust, reliable solution. BSP threading of the connecting valve plus the fact that the collar can be adapted to most types of conduit make this a modular, practical solution for a large number of installations.

The E-CUB meter box is marked with the word “EAU” (water), making it easily identifiable, and is also very resistant to ageing thanks to the anti-UV PVC casing. RAL 1015 is the colour used as standard on all meter boxes. E-CUB has a detachable door which opens to reveal space for 1 or 2 household meters. A double-door version is also available. E-CUB is a one-piece box with no thermal bridging, and this significantly improves frost resistance (CEREMA test certificates available). The box comes with Origine France Garantie (French-made origins) certification, which requires an annual test to be conducted by an independent certification body.  

ISOCOURT+ is a compact meter well, designed to facilitate the job of the installation team. Thanks to piston positioning, the meter can be installed in just a few seconds. Maintenance operations are just as quick: the shut-off system avoids having to manoeuvre the valve box and meter, while the tap and valve can be removed manually. The chamber is also 100% compatible with composite meters. The acetal resin tap fittings are highly durable and adapted to sediment-bearing water. The before-meter valve can be locked by the operator while the tap and valve on the after-meter side allow access to the service subscriber. ISOCOURT+ meter well has a very large range of adjustment, which means that just 2 products can cover all freezing depths.  

Hydroméca multi-metering solutions are made from quality components: Sainte-Lizaigne tap fittings and a Hydroméca meter frame. Built in our French workshops, these products can be custom-built (1-15 service subscribers, DN 15 - DN 40 and elevated meters) and are extremely responsive to your needs - saving time for your workers. The chamber is delivered ready to install.  

U-CAN is a complete range of fittings (couplings, joiners, male and female fittings, tees and elbows) that easily adapt to any terrain and are available in a range of materials, including ADZ brass and advanced synthetic materials). The range of U-CAN fittings is compatible with the entire range of Sainte-Lizaigne valves and connectors, and with all pipe threads. It is a universal system that gives you modularity on the ground and also makes installation and maintenance easier.  

With their compact design, the rings in the modular chambers are easy to transport and install. The components can be transported on-site by van, and can be installed by a single technician. The cutting and drilling required to create the pipe inlets can be done with standard tools. The ring system also offers great adaptability of size and depth, and is a modular solution that allows considerable time savings for workers. Operation of the network is also made easier, as the plug can be fully opened to give complete access to the hydraulic installation.  

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ALPHACLIC clamp and GLOBALL 2038 connecting valve
All the quality of French tradition, plus innovation
Visuel borne de comptage E-CUB
E-CUB meter chamber
Improved accessibility makes your work easier!
Regard de comptage ISOCOURT+
ISOCOURT+ meter well
The quickest way for tool-free meter installation!
Multi-metering equipment
Reliable design, tailor-made configuration and time savings
Raccord U-CAN
U-CAN coupling
Minimum parts in the warehouse, maximum configurations on the ground
Chambre modulaire Modula, Fortress et Ultima
Modula, Fortress and Ultima chambers
Lightweight yet robust meter chambers for optimised installation costs

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Specialists in subscriber connections recognised for their robust design, Sainte-Lizaigne offers equipment and services for the operation of drinking water and irrigation networks.

Discover Sainte Lizaigne

Hydroméca is a company specialising in water and gas metering systems, offering its customers time-saving solutions with high added value, tailored to their needs.  

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Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and data loggers to monitor drinking water, sewerage networks and water courses.

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The Fast offer comprises a range of solutions to detect and locate water leaks. Fast supports industry experts and novice users to improve the performance of drinking water networks.

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Wayve creates innovations to facilitate the management of drinking water networks and limit wastage. Wayve connected boxes enable the remote analysis and control of water distribution.

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EIE has been providing expert service to the metalworking and boilermaking industries for almost 60 years. The company’s products allow interventions on the drinking water networks without interrupting distribution.

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