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Monitoring groundwater levels

They’re invisible, but essential. We call them “groundwater” or “aquifers”, but they are mainly called on during periods of drought, when there isn’t enough rain to replenish them. This means that these large reserves of underground water are one of the main sources from which we can draw drinking water. The level of aquifers is to a large extent decisive for the availability of this vital resource.

Claire Group’s solutions for the monitoring of groundwater levels

Modular equipment for measurement results tailored to the local context

When it comes to water, knowing what lies beneath our feet in order to improve it, is one of the specialist areas of Claire Group. The group company Ijinus uses high-performance measurement devices designed especially for underground, hard-to-access areas. These communicating systems make it easier to monitor the level of groundwater, by transmitting the measurement data to a web supervision platform. This makes it easier to take steps to anticipate water shortages and limit their impact, by distributing water usage more efficiently.  

Approximately 95 %

of the fresh water on Planet Earth is stored in groundwater bodies.

25 to 40 %

of the drinking water produced in France comes from groundwater bodies, on average (this can be as high as 96% in some departments).


groundwater level monitoring stations in France (2015)

Our solutions for accurate monitoring

Innovative solutions for natural waters

The CNRT level sensor is a battery-powered pressure sensor that also measures the temperature of the natural waters in groundwater bodies, while the CNR sensor only measures the height of the water by pressure. Both sensors link to a LOG03 or LOG09 datalogger, which allows the data to be transmitted by radio. Alerts can be issued, making it easier to monitor the level of water in groundwater bodies and anticipate any shortages. The range includes modem-free sensors for use in local measurement programmes, while other models have a built-in modem so that data can be transmitted remotely.  

CNR relative pressure level sensor and CNRT level and temperature sensor
Connected set of sensors to anticipate water shortages

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and dataloggers to monitor drinking water networks, sewerage systems and water courses.

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An expert field team

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