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Claire Group. Innovating for high-performance water networks

Committed to preserving this precious resource throughout its lifecycle, we are striving to make our water networks more efficient and durable:

  • By supplying quality equipment to extend and renew our water networks, ensuring a shared legacy for future generations
  • By introducing innovative management systems for fairer use and more efficient operation
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Claire Group companies: our vocation is water, our strength is our expertise

Claire Group is now a major player in the upgrading of water network performance, drawing on its recognised knowledge and expertise developed over 180 years of working in this field.

In a context in which the condition of our water resources is raising questions and requires action, Claire Group is breaking new ground with its organisation and mission. The Group is bringing together specialists in the world of water, activating the synergies necessary to see its mission succeed in order to serve the generations of the future and facilitating access to water for all - today, and tomorrow.

This is the aim that inspires each of the Group’s 6 companies, whether they are working to equip our water networks for the long-term or monitor them to improve efficiency.

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Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and data loggers to monitor drinking water, sewerage networks and water courses.

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Wayve creates innovations to facilitate the management of drinking water networks and limit wastage. Wayve connected boxes enable the remote analysis and control of water distribution.

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Specialists in subscriber connections recognised for their robust design, Sainte-Lizaigne offers equipment and services for the operation of drinking water and irrigation networks.

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The Fast offer comprises a range of solutions to detect and locate water leaks. Fast supports industry experts and novice users to improve the performance of drinking water networks.

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Hydroméca is a company specialising in water and gas metering systems, offering its customers time-saving solutions with high added value, tailored to their needs.

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EIE has been providing expert service to the metalworking and boilermaking industries for almost 60 years. The company’s products allow interventions on the drinking water networks without interrupting distribution.

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Listening to what you tell us, to give tailor-made responses

Groupe Claire ville Alger réseau eau
Building a custom part to repair a distribution pipe in Algiers
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City of Algiers

The city council wanted to identify the weak points in its network and needed the equipment, expertise and responsiveness required to anticipate a possible burst pipe.


After studying the consequences of water leaks in the drinking water network of Algiers, the local water operator and EIE defined the customer’s requirement for repair parts. EIE designed and custom-built the products, and the city of Algiers bought in the repair stocks.


Following a major leak, the 1200 diameter distribution pipe was repaired overnight. The water supply was reinstated within 24 hours.

km of networks
customers served
Less than 24 hours
to reinstate the supply
A hybrid connection solution for the management of PE networks
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Local water authority in Dordogne

The authority installs all its new connections by electro-welding, but for resource management purposes is looking to improve the monitoring of its PE branch lines. The public works contractor also finds the existing material troublesome and difficult to adapt to different sites.  


Sainte-Lizaigne suggested the use of OmegaFlex, a hybrid connection solution: it comprises a multidiameter electrowelded clamp coupled to a GLOBALL 2038 bronze connecting valve.  


The PE network is now monitored with metal connections. Lighter and more compact, the OmegaFlex clamp also saves on logistics costs, as it can be used on various diameters of PE.  

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municipalities supplied with potable water
branch lines required

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“I arrived as an intern in February 2019. They immediately trusted me to do the job, so I was able to prove my skills and qualities. I’m now in a permanent role and can organise my work independently, while obviously respecting the company procedures and safety instructions”.

Guillaume D.
Logistics Officer at Sainte-Lizaigne since 2019.