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Preserving the quality of our natural environment  

Rivers, streams and other water courses are home to a rich variety of flora and fauna. But aquatic life can sometimes be threatened by human activity, and so water agencies are responsible for overseeing the natural environment. The quality of surface bodies of water is monitored and tested to verify its chemical and ecological condition. Preventive or corrective measures are then taken if necessary. In general, these measures are not visible. But they can still affect us where, for example, we are prohibited from accessing or swimming in certain lakes or rivers, to protect not only the aquatic environment but also the health of the public.

Claire Group’s solutions for preserving the quality of the natural environment

Quality solutions for the regular surveillance of natural waters

Le groupe Claire, through the company Ijinus, markets and rents all the equipment you need to analyse the quality of surface water. The company assists environmental protection agencies in taking permanent measurements or in taking specific samples which can then be tested in a laboratory.

Ijinus equipment is designed to take account of the limitations of the natural environment. Ijinusprides itself on supplying compact sensors that can be installed permanently in the natural environment, so that preserving the quality of water goes hand in hand with preservation of the landscape. Ijinus supplies a wide range of samplers designed to cater for all requirements. They are also easily transported and assure the refrigeration and traceability of samples.  

62 %

of water courses were in “good chemical condition” (2015)

84 %

of water courses were in an “average” to “very good” condition (2015)


river monitoring stations covered by the Qualité Rivière app  

Protecting the environment

Monitoring the impact of water purification on the natural environment

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Focus on solutions

Self-powered physico-chemical GSM buoy

This ingenious self-powered buoy can be fitted with a physico-chemical sensor and left in the body of water to be monitored. It is simply put down in the desired location.  

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    The physico-chemical buoy includes a battery, a single-parameter sensor, a recorder, and a flotation system. All in one compact product 


    The water quality probe is interchangeable depending on the type of measurement desired (pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity) 

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    The buoy is compact and can be installed easily by a single person

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    The integrated recorder ensures the transmission of data to a supervision tool. They can then be consulted and analyzed from a computer 

Our solutions for preserving the quality of the natural environment

Innovative solutions for natural waters

The 3700 is a multi- or mono-bottle water sampler which can collect sequential or composite samples based on time, flow or storm conditions. The robust peristaltic pump is fitted with a patented upstream liquid sensor, which gives precise, reproducible data even for sediment-bearing water. It also allows pre-rinsing of the pipes. The 3700 has a large ice storage capacity and high-performance insulation to ensure that samples are always kept cool.  

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ISCO 3700 portable sensor
High-performance insulation for all your sampling needs!

Designed, developed and brought to you by our specialist teams

Connected instrumentation is at the heart of Ijinus, which designs, manufactures and markets sensors and dataloggers to monitor drinking water networks, sewerage systems and water courses.

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