Industrial gas networks

An efficient industrial network is key for secondary-sector companies wanting to guarantee a good level of productivity and manufacturing quality. Yet industrial firms are increasingly choosing machines powered by gas, or others that use specific fluids. These products have to be regularly checked, calibrated and adjusted to make sure the whole factory is running efficiently. Technicians use measurement and regulation systems to do this.

35,000 km

of gas transport pipelines

195,000 km

de canalisations pour of gas distribution pipelines

140 TWh

of gas consumed by industry in France, in 2020

Claire Group supports water operators in the construction, running and efficiency-raising of water networks. Our companies are engaged at each step of the potable water cycle and are committed to  

  • Manufacturing innovative products with a robust design, built to last and made from quality materials  
  • Developing high-tech instrumentation systems in compact boxes, to assure the precise monitoring of sensitive points on the network  
  • Facilitating network maintenance and upgrading, thanks to supervision software used for the remote control of key points  
  • Enabling anyone to detect and repair network leaks using accessories ranging from entry-level to the most highly-specialised  
Visuel président
‘‘Choosing quality materials is a commercial decision, a collective approach to preserving water as a resource - and it makes economic sense in the long term. ’’
Damien Verhee
President of Claire Group
Our solutions

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HB-Industries is the Claire Group company specialising in industrial and gas networks. With in-depth knowledge of the needs of manufacturing businesses, HB-Industries helps operational teams to define and install their gas and fluid networks.  

Our team

Water network specialists providing on-the-ground support

Claire Group also has a team of over 30 technical and commercial water network specialists providing service coverage in mainland France and the overseas territories, and internationally.

Our expert teams understand the issues and limitations facing our customers and help them find the best solutions to the challenges they face. The network specialists will also work with our development and production teams, to offer custom-built or turnkey equipment.

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