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Instrumenting the network

Installing the correct instruments on a network can have a number of benefits, such as improved accuracy of billing, limiting wastage due to leaks, restricting water loss, anticipating maintenance operations and restoring consumer confidence in the water supplied to their homes.

Control by instrumentation started with remote PC recording, and is now used in a range of applications, including sectorisation to monitor flows and identify leaking pipes. Networks are becoming more intelligent, but we are also gaining more awareness of the need to upgrade their performance – hence the expression ‘smart water networks’. Traditional network components are now joined by ‘communicating’ devices that allow more intuitive, precise management not only of the network, but most importantly of water as a resource.

Claire Group’s solutions for the instrumentation of drinking water networks

Global surveillance solutions to improve network efficiency

To guarantee the durability and performance of the drinking water network - a community asset - surveillance equipment is essential.

Claire Group offers a series of products and services for the diagnosis of water networks.

Ijinus specialises in connected instrumentation. The monitoring of parameters such as pressure, flow and water level, allows firstly the diagnosis of the condition of the water network, its infrastructure and fittings, and then the detection of any zones affected by water loss. Ijinus, based in Brittany, is meeting this need by designing and assembling self-powered communicating sensors.

Fast is a company specialising in systems that improve the performance of water networks. The company’s hardware and software are designed and built in Germany. Recognised for their robust design, these systems offer high-precision measurement at every step of the leak detection process, whether for routine monitoring or the voluntary identification of leaks.. 

59 %

of French people are willing to pay more for their water supply in order to improve the preservation of this resource (2020)

85 %

of French people were confident of their water supply in 2020, compared to 80% in 2010  

15 %

of French people never drank tap water in 2020

A constructed approach to instrumentation

Organising network instrumentation to prioritise maintenance operations

Focus on solutions

SENSE network access point

Installed as a traditional connector for the drinking water network, SENSE is an innovation that allows network surveillance based on multiple factors such as pressure, temperature and leak rate, from a single point of access


    Durable installation for permanent network diagnostics: leak detection, pressure control, temperature monitoring


    Collection of various network data on the same tool. Design allowing easy access to the sensor and to change it if necessary


    Connection with a standard clamp, according to the usual tapping technique. Common installation, facilitating dense network meshing 

Our network instrumentation solutions

Innovative solutions for drinking water network performance

SENSE is a network access point installed as a traditional connection on the drinking water network. It comprises a clamp and connecting valve that form a ‘smart’ connection to allow permanent surveillance of the water network. The system can be fitted with sensors, tailored to your requirements. The sensors detect and pinpoint leaks, particularly on plastic pipes, thanks to a submerged hydrophone, and also allow multi-point correlation, the checking of network pressure and water temperature. The sensor on this innovative connector can easily be changed, making it an innovative tool that enables optimal surveillance of the network.  

The LP025 is a data logger with a built-in pressure sensor. It allows the rapid installation of a pressure gauge on the fire hydrant, without affecting the functioning of the drinking water network. The pressure sensor is integrated with a LOG IJINUS data logger, which records and transmits the data from the sensor by radio or GPRS. Compact and with no need for an external power supply, it guarantees simple, reliable measurement of pressure.  

DRULO III is an ultra-precise portable device that measures the pressure and temperature of the water network. With a built-in data logger, it can store up to 1.8 million measurement values. This type of control helps with network diagnosis, optimises operating costs and is responsive if a fault is detected.  

The ZM flow recorder uses a tried and tested induction process to measure the water flow. This mobile solution simplifies the sectorisation of plastic pipe networks, to identify the zones where leaks may be present and causing water loss. The logged data is then transferred to a dedicated software program, for simplified analysis and global surveillance of the network.  

BIDI noise loggers can be installed temporarily or permanently on a water network, to record night-time noise levels. They form a global surveillance system to prelocate and pinpoint leaks and perform multi-point correlations in order to optimise the operator's response time. BIDI loggers are easy to program, using just a tablet and servicemasters. Depending on the type of ground or terrain, there are various types of logger: standard, high-autonomy or with hydrophone. The BIDI LoRa model sends the data directly to the Watercloud platform, which controls the logger fleet.  

Tuyau eau sense
SENSE network access point
A product that sits on the boundary between network equipment and leak surveillance
surveillance pression
LP025 pressure sensor and logger
The simple, compact, all-in-one solution to control water supply pressure!
DRULO III pressure and temperature logger
A portable solution for rapid, reliable checking of the network's condition
enregistreur débit
ZM flow recorder
A portable device for sectorisation
BIDI loggers
A surveillance system for early leak detection!

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