Measuring and controlling the distribution of water

Irrigation networks are designed to transport raw water. They supply farm crops with water, which is billed by cubic meter. Irrigation networks need to be metered with equipment that can cope with water filled with fairly coarse particles. Installing an irrigation network is expensive, and can also be problematic as it often has to pass over private land. A particularly important consideration is durability, as the systems can be affected by changes in pressure and the type of water. Finally, different crops using the same network may need different types of water supply, and this has to be managed by the farmers.  

Claire Group’s offer for irrigation management and control

Responding to the specific limitations of irrigation networks

SL-Irrigation, a Claire Group brand, offers a range of solutions designed to improve water distribution in crop management. SL-Irrigation meters take into account the limitations caused by raw water, to give a more accurate evaluation of the volume of water supplied. Specially-designed flowmeters allow the regulation of flow, pressure and sediment in the water, to preserve the installations and irrigate each crop sufficiently to allow growth without wasting the water resource.  

41 %

of the crops irrigated in France are corn

30 %

water savings achieved by irrigators over the past 30 years  


billion litres of water drawn each year in France

Measuring and regulating raw water

Controlling distribution and preserving the irrigation network

Focus on solutions

Irrimag meter

Irrimag assures the reliable metering of raw water supplies. It comes as standard with a communication module, which means that meters can be read locally or remotely. Manufactured in France, Irrimag comes with the OFG label, which is obtained after a certification audit.  


    Upstream pre-filtration to protect the bypass meter from coarse loads  

    Patented self-cleaning device of the turbine for greater longevity of metrology. 


    Design specifically thought-out to limit fraud 


    Accessible meter, change or cleaning of the bypass on site, interchangeable derivative without meter recalibration, cleaning and separation optimized thanks to a reduced number of parts in water

Our solutions for measuring and controlling the distribution of raw water

Innovative solutions for network performance

The SL-Irrigation pressure stabiliser protects irrigation systems and optimises their working life. A pressure stabiliser allows the limitation of changes in pressure and stabilisation at zero flow, with dynamic regulation. Installed on numerous networks, this system has proven itself to be robust, reliable and durable.  

SL-Irrigation offers a wide range of flow limiters for better control of raw water consumption and optimal irrigation of crops. Flow limiters balance out the demand for water across all the crops served by the irrigation network. A patented system for the stainless steel nozzles also helps to combat fraud. Available in DN 65 and DN 100, these flow limiters are easy for operators to assemble and dismantle.  

Pressure stabiliser
A protective solution for irrigation systems
Flow limiters
A complete range for the management of irrigation flows

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