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Irrigation, collective housing and gas networks  

Some areas of work, such as irrigation, submetering or industrial gas networks, require specific equipment.  

Irrigation involves drawing water from the natural environment for use in farming. The water flows through irrigation networks fitted with systems for metering and distribution of irrigation water.  

Submetering measures the consumption of hot and cold water and heating in multi-occupancy buildings and collective housing, to avoid the property-share system and make the tenants more aware of their water consumption.  

In industry, fields such as gas supply require specific installations and instrumentation for metering, regulation and custom header lines.

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In irrigation, the use of metering and raw water distribution systems which are reliable, robust and made from quality materials will ensure better management of the water resource. Communicating devices are also preferred. These devices allow the remote surveillance of an area that may be very large and hard to access, making intervention on the system much easier. The distribution of raw water also involves a variety of applications. From a comprehensive product range, users can select the solution best suited to the individual irrigation user and crops.  

As the metering environment is always spatially limited, the meters have to fit into the existing installations and space available. There is a wide range of apparatus available for the installation of meters: supports, rods, valves and fittings of various sizes and configurations. There are also compact, dual-function products so that users can select the best model for the available space.  

Industrial gas networks are subject to strict regulations, design and safety rules. Only a team of industry specialists can advise the customer and propose the right size and type of custom-made instrumentation.

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About irrigation solutions

Irrigation equipment enables the distribution of water by plot size, the supply of irrigation systems and the installation of meters for water drawn from the natural environment.  

Submetering refers to the set of products used to install water meters in collective housing and multi-occupancy buildings.  

Industrial networks are equipped with systems for the metering and regulation of gas and water, and with instrumentation solutions.

Matériels d’irrigation

Irrigation equipment

Irrigation terminals connect up to the irrigation networks to allow the distribution of water on crops. They are fitted with 1-4 water lines, which serve the irrigation users. These lines allow the water flow to be limited, pressure to be adjusted, and metering to be performed. Communicating systems send the flow data to a supervision platform, which allows the remote surveillance of the system and makes the irrigation supply more efficient.

Comptage divisionnaire


This refers to the supports, valves, rods, taps and the other parts of submetering stations used for the supply of hot and cold water and heating. Leak detectors and devices designed to reduce water consumption are also available. Collective housing networks include taps, valves and accessories needed for the servicing of private properties.
Réseaux industriels gaz & eau

Industrial gas and water networks

Gas and water meters can monitor the consumption of these utilities in an industrial environment. Other specific equipment, such as pressure reducers and solenoid valves, assist with the regulation and instrumentation of gas networks. Some installations, in particular meter headers, require specific technical expertise.

Benefits of our solutions

Picto Qualité

Robust irrigation terminals made in France from premium materials.  

Reliable, communicating systems for the metering of raw water

Picto diversité
A diversified offer

A full range of supports, taps and valves and pollution control devices is available for submetering systems in any configuration  

Irrigation solutions, from the conventional to the more specific, such as multi-user terminals and systems for large crop areas  

A range of pipes and lines adapted to the irrigation users’ requirements.

Picto sur-mesure
Made to measure

Expert advice on gas metering and instrumentation solutions  

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E-TUB irrigation terminal and connecting pipe

Combining quality with efficient metering, the E-TUB irrigation terminal is fitted with an ultrasonic metering line for simple and easy management of the supply of raw water. E-TUB has OFG certification.  


    More accurate and more reliable metering over time  

    Extended metering range to bill all water consumed  

    System protected from hydraulic turbulence and solid particles


    Remote consumption monitoring reducing trips to the terminal  

    All fleet data available on the supervision platform to alert and optimize interventions 


    Multifunction: metering, pressure regulation, flow limitation  

    Tamper-proof device  


    Simple change of the metering part of the tubing  

    Gradual fleet replacement 

Our solutions for irrigation networks

Innovative solutions for network performance

Intended for the connection of 1-4 irrigation users, the A4 irrigation terminal is an advanced, adaptable apparatus with combined metering, pressure regulation and flow limiting functions. A robust, high-performing solution with durable waterproofing, it also protects against water hammer. The unique counterflow system allows intervention on the upper part of the terminal without draining the network. A large wheel ensures easy opening and closing, while the valve and baseplate are common to all types of terminal, to optimise maintenance and use. The pipes fitted to the terminal are also modular, to allow for personalised use tailored to individual users. The pipes have an efficient metering device adapted to the measurement of raw water. The ‘A’ pipes are used for the most common applications. Remote supervision is possible thanks to a radio or tele-reading system, optimising the running costs. SL-IRRIGATION terminals have OFG certification, which requires an annual audit to be conducted by an independent certification body.  

Irrimag is an efficient, reliable solution for the metering of raw water. Upstream pre-filtering protects the meter from coarse sediment while a patented self-cleaning device on the turbine assures a longer life for the metrology instruments. The system is also fitted with anti-fraud protection. Easy to install, it can flexibly adapt to different installation conditions and is designed to facilitate maintenance operations. Irrimag is pre-configured for communications as standard, reducing travel and enabling remote monitoring of consumption and the emission of alarms, from an app or supervision platform. IRRIMAG comes with OFG certification, which requires an annual audit to be conducted by an independent certification body.  

U.D.Access lock rods form a complete range of connections, of varying lengths. They can adapt to a number of different configurations of submetering stations. With a composite design, the lock rod allows for fast, secure connection to the water meter. A captive seal, already built-in to the product, guarantees instant watertightness upon contact with the meter gasket. It can be tightened manually, without the use of tools. This simple installation process is particularly good for maintenance works or when fitting meters in tight spaces. The lock rod also has another function: it allows a valve to be included for pollution control, while taking up minimal space.   

HB-Industries specialises in metering and gas lines for industrial use. After understanding your requirements, our team of specialists can design a custom-built header line made from reliable components and suited to your specific use (gas type, flow and pressure).  

Borne d’irrigation A4 et leurs tubulures A
A4 irrigation terminal and A lines
The multi-user irrigation solution!
Compteur Irrimag
Irrimag meter
Metering system for water drawn from the natural environment!
Allonge de compteur à clapet intégrable U.D.Access
U.D.Access built-in meter extension
Adaptable, multi-purpose and simple to install in a submetering environment!
Rampe gaz HB-Industries
HB-Industries gas header
A custom-made solution for industrial networks!
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