4 July 2024

Use case : The Overflow detector for effective monitoring of storm overflows

The Overflow detector is part of the fourth generation of autonomous, connected data loggers from Ijinus.

The Overflow detector is an innovative solution designed and marketed by Ijinus for sewage and natural water networks. 

The Overflow is a connected, highly configurable autonomous data logger that communicates using Bluetooth BLE technology that do not requires direct contact with the product. 

The dedicated Overflow application lets you view a wide range of data, such as detector status, immersion threshold, temperature, etc. directly from your smartphone. 

Aurélien TRIBALLIER, Product Manager at Ijinus, presents the use case for this innovation in video: 

When used in a storm overflow, it quantifies the number of overflows occurring at the installation, measures their duration, diagnoses the impact of the storm overflow and optimises the energy consumption of the water level sensors. 

These capabilities make it an excellent tool for reliable regulatory self-monitoring. 

Easy to install, it remains functional even in the event of a power cut, thanks to its internal lithium battery. 

This fourth generation of autonomous data loggers is the product of research and development based on extensive feedback. 

To find out more about this product, visit the Ijinus website