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Building a custom part to repair a distribution pipe in Algiers

City of Algiers

The city council wanted to identify the weak points in its network and needed the equipment, expertise and responsiveness required to anticipate a possible burst pipe.


After studying the consequences of water leaks in the drinking water network of Algiers, the local water operator and EIE defined the customer’s requirement for repair parts. EIE designed and custom-built the products, and the city of Algiers bought in the repair stocks.


Following a major leak, the 1200 diameter distribution pipe was repaired overnight. The water supply was reinstated within 24 hours.

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Background: the city of Algiers

Algiers has a drinking water network that serves more than 850,000 users. The city authorities wanted to guard against the risk of pipe burst, as far as possible, in order to provide households and businesses with a quality service and preserve the water resource in a particularly dry region, where water is a precious commodity.

They had all the manpower they needed to complete the project, but not the equipment, nor the expertise and responsiveness they needed to address these risks, which would have serious consequences for the city’s population.

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EIE’s solution

The city authorities and EIE did some preparatory work to identify the weakest points in the water network. They were then able to identify a number of repair parts they needed to hold in stock, to mitigate the risk of a pipe burst. At its factory in France, EIE designed and produced large pipe sleeves, which were made to order and then shipped them to the customer.

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Prompt intervention in the public interest

A concrete DN1200 supply pipe burst during the daytime, causing a spectacular leak.

Thankfully the city’s water engineers were able to draw on their stock of large-diameter parts, and put their skills into action. The pipeline was repaired overnight, and the water supply was reinstated within 24 hours. If the city had not had the stock of parts, the water supply would have been shut off for 3 to 4 days.

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