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22 May 2024

IFAT Munich 2024 : Review of the event

The 2024 edition of IFAT, in Munich, was an ideal opportunity for professionals in the field of environmental solutions to exchange views.

IFAT : The world's leading water trade fair

As leading trade fair for environmental technologies, Groupe Claire exhibited its solutions at IFAT 2024 in Munich from 13 to 17 May. 

Numerous visitors were able to discover the FAST products, linked to leak detection, and the metrology instruments from IJINUS. 

IFAT Munich 2024 was an ideal meeting place to share our mission: preserving water resources. 

IFAT Munich 2024 - 001

Towards a global offer

This year, six podiums and a demonstration network were set up on our 78m² booth to showcase our range of connected solutions dedicated to the performance of water networks. 

Surveillance, diagnostics and monitoring are just some of the topics covered and for which we design products and systems to optimise resource management. 

IFAT Munich 2024 - 002

Logger Blue

Innovation at the heart of our business

For IJINUS, Blue, the new flow logger with integrated pressure sensor for water supply networks, and Overflow, the latest overflow detector for wastewater and natural water, were highlighted. 

FAST's pre-location, correlation and leak location solutions were also the focus of attention. 

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